About Us

At The Import Agency we know that choosing a freight forwarder is the easy part. The difficulty is knowing that the right team are handling and moving your goods.

For this reason we have created partnerships with some of the leading UK handling agents, and with an in-house UK transport and distribution partner, to extend the quality of our service to our customers.

The way we work clearly differentiates us from our competition in what is a very competitive and congested market place. We treat all of our customers individually, ever mindful of their respective market dynamics and particular operational challenges. This means our customers can expect recommendations that are fit for purpose and optimised to support their business model, rather than our own.

By being consistently reliable and by having an innate talent for problem solving, we work hard to create supply chain solutions that give our customers confidence. We are passionate about customer focus and pride ourselves on knowledge, expertise and dedication.

The quality of our service, the complete reliability of our performance, together with highly competitive rates set us apart from the competition.

Using the services of our carefully selected associates, The Import Agency can offer its customers a unique range of freight forwarding products and services, which are cost-effective, flexible and help us to offer you everything you need in one convenient shopping experience.

The clearance, the handling, and the movement to the final destination are all in encompassed in one transaction and under one roof for your convenience and peace of mind.

We are able to achieve customs clearance and delivery quickly for almost any commodity. W
e are able to offer use of deferment for a competitive flat rate on most Vat / Duty values.